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The transformation package is not meant for your occaisonal gym member, the tranformation package is meant for people who are serious about changing their bodies, and are willing to push themselves to do it.  The transformation package is a test of will, and you are guaranteed to get results.  It is by no means easy and you will most likely be sore everyday, but this is the price we pay for PROGRESS! NO EXCUSES!

  1. CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN- We give you an easy to follow meal plan that is built around your budget, allegries, medical history, food preferences, and overall goals. 

  2. 5(1hour) SESSIONS A WEEK-  You give us your goals and we will set up your sessions to best fit your schedule.  Our sessions do not follow a standard template, the client is our canvas.  Your workout plan is based around your medical history, body type, and individual goals.  Each day is meant to draw out the best you have, and then some. 

  3. CULINARY ADVICE- Tru Training has an amazing amount of healthy recipes, and food suggestions to choose from.  You have access to unique and delicious healthy recipes that will boost your health and fitness experience. 

  4. CONSISTANT SUPPORT -  Tru Training prides itself of it's customer first based philosophy.  Feel free to contact anyone of our  personal trainers with your health and fitness questions at anytime of the day, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We want to be there for you every step of the way and the path to getting fit is not just in the gym but as home as well.   

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