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Personal Training

Each workout is unique and designed to target the most common problem areas of the body.  These sessions are meant to challenge you and  to get the most out of your body each session.  We will make sure to take the time to best fit your needs in order for you to reach your goals.   

Online Coaching

Every workout plan is designed around you to best help you reach your goals.  Each plan takes into consideration your weight, age, body type, fitness history, etc., to create the perfect plan just for you!  Videos will be sent to help instruct you on how to do the workouts properly. You also have the ability to request a new workout regiment free of charge, if you feel you are ready to take on a new challenge. 

Pose and Curl
Diet/Nutrition Guide
Creating a strict diet plan has proven to be ineffective when it comes to building a lasting healthy lifestyle.  At Tru Training, we believe that giving people a structured guide that provides a plethora of options is the best way to go. Based on your job, lifestyle, health, resources, cooking knowledge, and personal food preferences, I will create a diet guide that will guarantee to kick your metabolism into another gear.  If gaining weight, losing weight or maintaining weight is your goal, I can create a diet guide that will allow you to reach your end goal.
Mariscos Con Coco Dominicano

Cooking Parties

Cooking parties are the perfect way to try new and exciting healthy recipes.  Learn how to make a whole days worth of healthy food in a group environment, hosted by a funny  and unpredictable Chris Infante.  There is a misconception out there that healthy food is expensive, boring, and bland.  Tru Training would like to evolve the thinking of what healthy food is or can be.  Chris will walk you through step by step how to make his original recipes, all the while learning all about the nutritonal aspect of food, and how food can heal the body.  To host a cooking party is free, and the mininum requirement is four guest with a maximum of twenty.  Please contact us to host your own cooking party!

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