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Robert Santiago

Certified Personal Trainer


Nasm Certified 

Pennsylvannia Head Trainer

2005 District Golden Glove Champion

"Everyone is like a lump of clay waiting for the right tools to be molded and sculpted'

Well before I give everyone a glimpse into my journey into the fitness industry I would like to thank the founder of Tru Training Chris "Superman" Infante for taking me under his wing and seeing the potential within me to help others achieve their goals.

So let me start off by saying fitness has always played a major part in my life in many ways and helped mold the man I am today. From working out as a kid with my father I learned I had an obsession with pushing my body to the limits. Both my mother and father were very supportive of me wanting to engage in more physical sports. Which I am eternally greatful for, no matter the circumstance they stayed 100% by my side and supported me  At an early age I started off lifting weights to tone up and basically just build my confidence. I started in martial arts as a child and when I wanted more of a challenge I asked my parents to enroll me into boxing so I can compete. By the age of 15 I met my boxing trainer. He himself pulled the confidence out of me that I wanted to have. Pushed me to limits I never knew I had and because of his motivational personality I knew some time in the future I wanted to help motivate people reach their goals the way he motivated me to reach mine. With his guidance I became Golden Glove District Champion. Still undecided on how I wanted to pursue fitness I put it on the back burner for years. Until one day it hit me all over again while looking at my children. Wanting to show them there is more to life then just sitting home playing video games or messing around on the computer. I always strived to push myself to be the best version of me that I could be mentally and physically. I wanted the same for my 3 beautiful children. Taking them on nature walks, hiking trails, to just simple games that they wouldn't even know they are exercising. So as I push my body to the limits I would love to see you join me so I can motivate you to push your body and mind to its limitation and  believe it or not even surpass them. Conquer the idea of not knowing whether u can and simply just make it happen.

Robert Santiago/Tru Training
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