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Food Prep Menu

Tru Training is finding every way possible to get excuses out of getting to your goals! Food prep is now a reality! We cook for you, neatly pack the food in a to go container and you just heat up and enjoy! Tru Training! No Excuses!  All orders must be emailed to then prepaid through Pay Pal, Card or Cash byFriday of each week, and food will be delivered 1pm Sunday at Pocono Gym.


$3- Snack

$7.00- Meal

$20- 3 Meals

$40-6 Meals

$58- 9 Meals

$75- 12 Meals

$84- 14 Meals

$100- 18 Meals

$120- 21 Meals


Egg & cheese, turkey sausage Quiche

A perfectly balanced blend of essential ingredients complimented by delicate fluffy eggs, cheese & turkey sausage, in a flaky crust that enhances the flavor yet does not distract from the overall body of the dish

Protein Pancakes

3 pancakes cooked from protein powder to help super charge your morning and keep you energized until your next meal. 

3 Hard Boiled eggs

Scrambled egg burrito w/ salsa

Two fluffy scrambled eggs topped with salsa and wrapped in a wheat tortilla.

Scrambled eggs with Turkey sausage links

Two fluffy scrambled eggs seasoned with a side of two turkey sausage links


6oz greek yogurt, ½ cup berries

25 Almonds

sliced apples with peanut butter

1 cup cottage cheese

½ cup diced pineapple


Grilled Salmon Salad

A bed of kale & Spinach topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots & salmon. with a balsamic glaze

Sun-dried tomato pesto Quiche

A perfectly delicate fluffy sun-dried tomato pesto, in a flaky crust that enhanced the flavor yet does not distract from the overall body of the dish

Turkey avocado wrap

Turkey, avocado, muenster cheese, spinach, with a side of mustard, in a whole wheat wrap

Steak Salad

Seasoned Grilled bottom round beef, on top of a pillow of kale & spinach, sliced Boiled egg, cherry tomatoes & sliced cucumbers, with balsamic glaze


Turkey Meatballs

4 Turkey meatballs served with green beans & Brown rice pilaf

Beef Tender

Grilled beef tender, mixed veggies & a half sweet potato

The Big Vegan Bowl

Chopped sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, julienned carrots, broccoli, home made hummus, & diced avocados

Baked Cod

Baked cod served with a half sweet potato & broccoli

Special Meal $10 

Chicken burrito bowl

Grilled taco seasoned chicken breast, yellow bell pepper, red onions, black beans, salsa & muenster cheese, over a bed of fluffy brown rice, garnished with cilantro & lime juice

Tuna Cakes

2 Golden brown...mouth watering tuna cakes, mixed with onions, green peppers, salt & pepper, flour & seared in coconut oil. on top of a bed of spinach & served with a french cocktail sauce


The ultimate soft & chewy oatmeal raisin cookies

2 chewy oatmeal raisin cookies


¼ cup granola

4 Strawberries sliced

1 cup greek yogurt

1 Cup Mixed Fruit

1 Cup mixed berries

Temporally Unavailable  

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